Skin Lightening

llluminate even the most stubborn and delicate areas with our natural skin brightening treatment.

Treatment Duration

30 mins


No downtime

Suitable For

Hyperpigmentation and discoloured skin.

Done Every

Can be done weekly/fortnightly for the best result.


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BRYGHT Lightening Benefits

Our Skin Lightening treatment targets uneven skin tone caused by discolouration in the skin, hyperpigmentation, including sun damage, melasma, stretch marks, and scars. This antioxidant-rich, all-natural system is safe for all skin types and acts swiftly. It’s gentle enough for intimate and sensitive areas while preserving the skin’s natural pH balance.

Experience a more even and radiant skin tone as our BRYGHT treatment targets and reduces hyperpigmentation, including sun damage, melasma, and scars. Say hello to smoother, more luminous skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Alphadermis, we pride ourselves on making every experience feel easy, and comfortable. So we absolutely have a male or female therapist available depending on your preferance.

Edin will consolidate male clients, where Ayla will accomodate the female clients.

Absolutely! BRYGHT’s skin lightening treatment is formulated to be safe and effective for all skin types, ensuring that everyone can achieve their desired results without worry.

Although we do recommend a course of 6-9 treatments, you can see up to a 1-3 shade difference each treatment.
Package deals can be created to make the process seemless.

Yes, definitely! Our BRYGHT skin lightening treatment is designed to target even the most stubborn areas, including scars and stretch marks, helping to visibly reduce their appearance over time.

Absolutely! Our all-natural BRYGHT treatment is gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive areas of the body, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience without causing irritation or discomfort.

Popular treatment areas include:
– Perianal area
– Vaginal lightening
– Underarms
– Inner thighs

Please shave or wax the treatment area at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Refrain from chemical peels or laser resurfacing treatments for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.

Make sure there is no fake tan present on your skin.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure on the treated area for two weeks before your appointment, including tanning beds or tanning products.

Avoid sun exposure for 7 days after your treatment.

Apply SPF daily to protect your skin.

Avoid using irritants like perfumes or scented creams on the treated area for 48 hours.

Do not wax or pluck the treated area.